olsrd 0.5.6-rc1 released !

Top of tree has been tagged to OLSRD_0_5_6_RC1.

source tarballs can be downloaded at:

MD5 49d55a68d1b2b2ac040f4c4df179ba69

MD5 d5161c51b8a3c75a1f19db1ff86c2e67

i am asking now the package maintainers to download, compile and test
on their target system and provide feedback (both positive and negative
feedback is welcome).

tentative release target for 0.5.6 will be May 10th.

CHANGELOG between 0.5.5 and 0.5.6rc1

PATCHES from Hannes Gredler :
- add small valgrind howto
- remove the per tc_edge timer
- add some basic infrastructure for cookies
- eliminate data field from avl_node and list_node and replace this via inline recasts
- add indentation dotfile for future code cleanup
- refactor the timer implementation, get rid of timeout functions all timer manipulations done in constant time.
- use calloc rather than malloc for lazy callers

PATCHES and BUGFIXES from Henning Rogge
- Bugfix for fragmented TC sequence numbers
- fix SPF bug
- refactor linkset code (!)
- add netsimpcap, a network simulation device
- parser refactoring

PATCHES from Sven-Ola Tuecke :
- add a fixed-point math implementation, which saves a great deal of CPU on embedded devices

BUGFIX from Erik Tromp :
- update in bmf due to new flags field in tc_edge_entry

PATCH from Clemens Hopfer :
- dot_draw plugin: close the connection after graph output.

PATCH from Joe Gio :
- track if AC power is connected/disconnected