OLSR 0.6.0 released!!

After lots of work , OLSR 0.6.0 is released.
It contains lots of bug fixes and some exceptionally interesting features such as SmartGateway which allows OLSR to build automatic IPIP tunnels to a gateway to prevent gateway flapping. This helps all Wi-Fi networks which run on private IP addresses and where the gateway is a NAT device.

You can access the new version through our repository at http://olsr.org/git
or by downloading the tarballs from

The md5 sums of this files are stored in a GPG signed text file at

(the 0.6.0 tag in the repository is signed too)

The full release notes can be seen here: http://lists.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-users/2010-May/003998.html

Much fun with the new version