Duplicate address detection

The work [49] is the most recent work in the subject of auto-configuration in MANETs. This work describes a mechanism for Duplicate Address Detection (DAD), but does not specify how to acquire an IP address in the first place. In [49] DAD is divided into strong DAD and weak DAD.

When a new node enters a MANET, it uses Strong DAD to check if its chosen address is already in use. This means that some sort of request message must be flooded throughout the MANET. If a node is already using, or possibly know of a node using, the requested IP address, then a response message is sent back to the originator of the request. This response message states that there is an address conflict.

Weak DADs purpose is to detect address duplication during MANET routing. Some mechanism must be present to dynamically detect the existence of duplicate IP addresses used in the network. This mechanism could also be used to detect merging of networks. A network merge detection should cause some special action to be taken as there might be lots of address duplicates.

Andreas 2004-07-29