Pro-Active Auto-config

Pro-Active Auto-config(PAA) is a proposed IP address allocation protocol including strong DAD, for use in MANETs. The protocol can be used with both IPv4 and IPv6. PAA takes advantage of the fact that nodes that are already members of a MANET domain, running a pro-active routing protocol, already has a relatively complete understanding of the topology. Such nodes are therefore well suited to allocate an IP address that is probably currently not used by any nodes in the network. PAA also does strong DAD to ensure that no other node is currently configured, or in the process of configuring itself, with a duplicate address. This is done by flooding the network using the underlying routing protocol.

PAA provides a node with the ability to automatically configure itself with an unique address and join a MANET. This configuration takes place without the node having any prior knowledge of the network parameters.


Andreas 2004-07-29