NL80211 Listener Plugin

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The NL80211 Listener Plugin use the Linux NL80211 interface to query the Wifi stack about linklayer data and puts it into the Layer2 database.

For each interface defined in the configuration, the plugin sends a series of NL80211 queries in regular intervals.

  • GET_INTERFACE to get the SSID, channel frequency and channel width.
  • GET_SURVEY to get channel noise and utilization.
  • GET_WIPHY to get the maximum allowed transmission speed
  • GET_STATION_DUMP to get neighbor specific linklayer data
  • GET_MPP_DUMP to get the proxied addresses behind radio nodes (802.11s)


The plugin defines the nl80211_listener configuration section with two settings.

Key Default Type Limits
interval 1.0 clock >=0.1
if list of string

interval define the time between two probes of the nl80211 interfaces.

if defines a list of interface (in addition to the interfaces defined in the interface configuration section) to query.