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The project uses multiple mailing lists as its main communication channels.

You need to subscribe to the mailing lists for writing mails on them.

OLSR-user mailing list

The OLSR-user mailing list is for communication between people that are using (or want to use) the projects software and the developers. It is the perfect place to ask a question about the project or ask for help with the software. user mailing list

OLSR-dev mailing list

The OLSR-dev mailing list is the right place to talk about the code and its plugins. We will also sometimes post our plans for the code in the future or discuss new ideas with the people on the list. developer mailing list

OLSR-commit mailing list

The OLSR-commit mailing list is a read-only mailing list that will inform everyone about new commits for the software. You should subscribe to this list if you want to be informed when new code appears in the repository. commit mailing list